Newspaper Clippings
Alice Faulring and Ethel Zahler

Beginning in the 1920's, Alice Faulring collected newspaper clippings concerning residents of Boston, New York and others she knew.  Most of these clippings are either death notices or marriage announcements, with a smattering of birth and anniversary notices.  Extending this tradition, her daughter, Ethel Zahler, continued to collect such clippings into the 1990's.  The indexes may be accessed by the following links:

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The subjects of these newspaper clippings are usually residents of Boston, New York or one of the surrounding towns.  Very occasionally, family members or friends from more distant locations are included.  The clippings are from the local newspapers [Buffalo Evening News, Buffalo Courier Express, Hamburg Post, Springville Journal], however, the paper of origin is not included on the clippings, so it is not possible to assign the specific source.

Most of the headings of the Indexes are self explanatory. The "Type" of clipping is as follows:

announce Announcement of a marriage or birth
bulletin Church Bulletin from a Church Service
card Funeral Card from a Funeral Parlor
invite Invitation to a weeding or receptioin
note Hand written note by Alice Needham Faulring
notice Death Notice from a Newspaper
obit Obituary from a Newspaper
story News Story from a Newspaper

The entries for "Number Children" and "Number Siblings" refer to the number of children and siblings, respectively, listed in the particular item.

We will be happy to communicate any additional information from the clippings.  Please send your requests to the address below.

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